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Saturday, December 18, 2010

JD's Auction underway!

I'd like to thank all my wonderful sponsors who donated over 40 items to be auctioned off on my Facebook page!

I don't even know where to start with thank you's!  The auction is to help my high school friend pay for his lifesaving medications for his Christmas surgery for pancreatic cancer. It runs until tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm PST. 

Crafty's Creations is the place where the auction is being held! 

Please do the following if you would like to participate:

--the starting bid is under the photo

--the allowed increments are $0.50

--you can tag yourself in the photo so you can keep track of your bid if someone outbids you

--You can bid more that the allowed increments just as long as it is more than the starting bid

--you can bid on more than one item--please READ the item description before bidding(any questions email me at ) or use the CONTACT TAB

--do not bid unless you plan on paying

--do not delete comments

--please leave paypal addy while bidding(if you dont want to leave your paypal...EMAIL it to me ) or use the CONTACT TAB

--after auction is over I will contact you personally with the item(s) that you won and send you a invoice

--please make sure that you are able to receive message if not please let me know how to get in contact with you.

--If you win a CUSTOM MADE item you and the SHOP owner will get in touch about that once you have paid your invoice

--all invoices need to be paid within 48hrs after being sent.

--If you do not fall in the shipping guidelines and shipping is not included in the winning bid...You will pay shipping to the SHOP OWNER once you paid me the winning bid

--Please "LIKE" the SHOPS that are donating

--Please let me know when you receive your items


--please make sure that I am able to contact you if I have any questions during the auction or if a bidder has a question

--you can tag yourself in the photo so you can keep track of the bids and can answer any questions a bidder may have

--please make sure that all items donated are ready to ship if they are not custom items

--I will send you a copy of the paid invoice and the winners info so you can ship the item or convo with them for their custom item(s)

--Let me know when you ship your item(s)

--Also promotion is KEY to SUCCESS-- SHARE the Auction Love!!!


This is going to help my friend, Jack pay for the portion of his medical bills that his insurance does not cover for his pending Christmas surgery. If you would rather make a direct donation, please message/email me for Jack's paypal address. On behalf of Jack, I would like to thank all the vendors for the generosity of donating your items to help Jack out. And buyers, thank you in advance for participating in this auction. It means a lot!

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

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