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Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day Auction!!

I'm running an auction today at Crafty's Creations!  I posted Auction items in the Columbus Day Auction!! photo album (click here). I put the description of the item & the starting bid.  Bids will be in $0.50 incriments. I will send Paypal invoices within 24 hours of Auction closing. I will keep the auction up for today!  If I have enough response, I might decide to extend it for another day!

I really want to get rid of all the small stuff I have left so I can start making winter slippers & scarves!  I have so much in my head & not enough room to store it, so I must start creating it! :)  So, share my auction with your friends, family & fan pages!  Thanks in advance!

Also, this is the last week to enter my contest to win a bracelet made by my girl, Kelly! All you have to do to enter is add me as a friend via Google Connect over there ======>  That's it! I will be drawing a winner on Sunday, October 17 via!

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