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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gotta make some Mooo Lah!

So, I've decided to make everyone an offer they SHOULDN'T refuse! LOL  I'm making an offer to people who will pay via Paypal TODAY!  The offer is:  25% off ANYTHING I have for sale!  Yep!  TWENTYFIVE percent at Crafty's Creations!  Now, WHO wouldn't want to take 25% off something like THIS:
Fall/Halloween BLING Ring!     
That is one of my original designs!  I love making bling rings & am in the process of making more!

I also have a few Christmas Creations up my sleeve!
Christmas bow hair clip

So, feel free to pass this sale on to your friends, family, dogs & cats (if they have their own Paypal account) and take advantage of my sale TODAY!!

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

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