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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So it seems someone decided to hack my blog.  Like for whatever reason, I am kinda boring.  So, changing passwords hopefully helped.  So if you see REALLY random stuff here.  That's why...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coupon for my Artifire Studio!

Since you all have been so great and helping me getting to over 1,700 fans at Crafty's Creations on Facebook, I've decided to add a coupon to my Artfire Studio! 

So, if you haven't visited Crafty's Artifire Studio, you probably should!  You will get a free gift with purchase!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a quickie on my way to bed!

A dear sister friend asked me to crochet her a bracelet.  I am absolutely in LOVE with this bracelet!  She said she wanted pink & purple, to tie myself & her because those are our colors.   I used the Pink Crazy Lace Agate (pink and purple) that I received for being chosen as Rings and Things Blog Partner, and Amethyst Swarovski Crystals.   

Sister Friend, Ashlie....I LOVE YOU GIRLIE!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blog Partner!!

So, I signed up to be a Rings & Things Blog Partner my name was picked!  What this means is, I was sent a grab bag of goodies to make stuff out of & review!  I've been soooo busy with working full time (with OT), dealing with sick boys (3 including my husband) and my own "can't get rid of it" cough.  Last week, I finally pulled out these beautiful Pink Crazy Lace Agate

I've been running my fingers over these beads for a few months now.  I pulled out my pink wire & decided on a ring.  Since that's my new obsession... LOL

Isn't it pretty?  I love how pretty it looks in the sun!  Thank you Rings & Things! Can't wait to see what I pull out of the grab bag next!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lastly... I'm SURE that's a word!

I was inspired by some REALLY creative women during this auction!  Kat from Kat's Custom Kreations does some pretty amazing things.  One of them is crochet with wire.  I'd done it for a project for Hancock Fabrics about 7 years ago, and wanted to try again!  This was my first attempt.

It was a Christmas gift for one of my sister-in-laws.  Then, I decided to try a different design for my other sister-in-law!

And, I decided to make another with purple beads to add to my Etsy shop!

So, while working with wire, I decided to fiddle with a ring.  I *heart* this pink wire! AND the Tigereyes!

SOOOoooo many fun things happening in Craftyland!

Much Love, 
Crafty Cori

Nextly... Is that a word?

I was chosen as a Rings & Things Blog Partner for November!  I was sent a HUGE goodie bag full of fun stuff to make & review!  So, stay tuned for some fun Rings & Things stuff to come!

Woo Hoo for LOTs of stuff!

First, the auction for my friend was a HUGE success!  All these crafty ladies donated over 50 items to be auctioned off & we blew our goal out of the water!!!  We raised enough money for JD to have his surgery on Christmas & he's well on his way to recovery!!

Some of the ladies that were generous enough to help:

Helen @ Adorable Adornments
Karen & Seb @ Karen Snyder's O. Sebastian 
Ashlie @ The Hook Up {Custom Crochet, Knitting, & More} by MC
Tammy @ Yellow Ribbon Boutique
Laura Noel

Kandi @ The Baby's Bundle

Erin @ Erin's Jewelry Creations 
Kat @ Kats Custom Kreations 
Amanda @ Flowerskissing 
Heidi @
Joni @ Pop Art Minis   
Dana @ MagicMoon SoapWorks
Tracy @ Tracy's Prims
Genelle @ The Diversified Crafter 
Jodie @ Rockabilly Rebel 
Bette @  

I can't even BEGIN to thank you all for helping so much!!