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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My First comment game was a SUCESS!!

That was THE coolest thing ever!!  I had been wanting to clear out a lot of my inventory so I could make new stuff!  My husband was also getting frustrated at the pilings of yarn goodies I've been making! LOL  So, I ended up selling 20 items!!!  Wow!  All in ONE day!  That is HUGE for me!! Here's a few pictures of stuff that I sold!

Sold the Blue & the Purple rings for $4 each
Halloween hair bow sold for $4

Wire Wrap earrings sold for $8  

Flower Bling Ring sold for $4

Dragonfly bracelet sold for $15
I really think I want to make this a regular feature at Crafty's Creations !!  It was SOOO much fun!!

Have a Crafty day, my crafty friends!

~Crafty Cori