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Saturday, December 18, 2010

JD's Auction underway!

I'd like to thank all my wonderful sponsors who donated over 40 items to be auctioned off on my Facebook page!

I don't even know where to start with thank you's!  The auction is to help my high school friend pay for his lifesaving medications for his Christmas surgery for pancreatic cancer. It runs until tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm PST. 

Crafty's Creations is the place where the auction is being held! 

Please do the following if you would like to participate:

--the starting bid is under the photo

--the allowed increments are $0.50

--you can tag yourself in the photo so you can keep track of your bid if someone outbids you

--You can bid more that the allowed increments just as long as it is more than the starting bid

--you can bid on more than one item--please READ the item description before bidding(any questions email me at ) or use the CONTACT TAB

--do not bid unless you plan on paying

--do not delete comments

--please leave paypal addy while bidding(if you dont want to leave your paypal...EMAIL it to me ) or use the CONTACT TAB

--after auction is over I will contact you personally with the item(s) that you won and send you a invoice

--please make sure that you are able to receive message if not please let me know how to get in contact with you.

--If you win a CUSTOM MADE item you and the SHOP owner will get in touch about that once you have paid your invoice

--all invoices need to be paid within 48hrs after being sent.

--If you do not fall in the shipping guidelines and shipping is not included in the winning bid...You will pay shipping to the SHOP OWNER once you paid me the winning bid

--Please "LIKE" the SHOPS that are donating

--Please let me know when you receive your items


--please make sure that I am able to contact you if I have any questions during the auction or if a bidder has a question

--you can tag yourself in the photo so you can keep track of the bids and can answer any questions a bidder may have

--please make sure that all items donated are ready to ship if they are not custom items

--I will send you a copy of the paid invoice and the winners info so you can ship the item or convo with them for their custom item(s)

--Let me know when you ship your item(s)

--Also promotion is KEY to SUCCESS-- SHARE the Auction Love!!!


This is going to help my friend, Jack pay for the portion of his medical bills that his insurance does not cover for his pending Christmas surgery. If you would rather make a direct donation, please message/email me for Jack's paypal address. On behalf of Jack, I would like to thank all the vendors for the generosity of donating your items to help Jack out. And buyers, thank you in advance for participating in this auction. It means a lot!

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

Friday, December 17, 2010

Goosie Girl Boutique · ~~Link Love~~

Goosie Girl Boutique · ~~Link Love~~

Heather "Goosie Girl" makes the most beautiful photography props, costumes, tutu's and boutique accessories! I don't have girls, so I have to just drool over pictures of other girls wearing her creations!

Oh yeah, that ADORABLE little girl belongs to my good friend (and FAB photographer) Christa @ A Hope and a Wish Photography!  

FREAKING ADORABLE!!!  The outfit & little Liv!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The date's set!

I've had 20 generous people, such awesome people step forward to help me raise money for my friend "JD"'s medical bills.  So, on SATURDAY, December19th, starting at 8:00 AM and ending SUNDAY, December 20th at 8PM~!

Join the fun on Facebook!

JD's Auction

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Such a great community!

I am so thankful for my creative friends!  After only one day of posting, I have 13 vendors that have volunteered to donate an item for the auction I'm holding on my Facebook page (Crafty's Creations) ! 

I am still looking for vendors to donate to this cause! I have a friend from high school who has pancreatic  cancer & is having a surgery on Christmas.  He has insurance but is still short $500 for his life saving medication!  If you are a vendor and would be willing to donate a small item, pelase email me:

Thank you & Much Love,
Crafty Cori

Saturday, December 11, 2010

An auction for a good friend!

CALLING ALL VENDORS!!! I have a friend from high school who has pancreatic cancer & is pending a surgery on Christmas. He has insurance but still has to come up with $500 for his life saving meds! I am trying to put together an auction to help raise just some of the money he needs for his medications.

If you're willing to participate by donating an item for this cause, please Email me: 

Much Love, 
Crafty Cori

Saturday, December 4, 2010

There is a giveaway on Starshine to Sunshine'spage! Find the post
where it says I'm giving away a $10 gift certificate to my Etsy shop
or custom order!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A quick mobile post BEGGING for votes!!

Please spread the word! I was nominated, now need votes! Please like
this Facebook page: HYPERLINK
And submit your vote at the bottom of this note!! PLEASE! This would
help my business greatly!! Winner gets featured in the premiere issue
of J Magazine & a spa basket!HYPERLINK
And one lucky voter wins a perfume locket! Voting ends tonight @ 9PM
PST! This is a contest for WAHM {Work at home

My business page: :>}

Thank you!
Much Love,
~Crafty Cori Cambanes~
Crafty's Creations

Crafty's Creations
Soap, Candles, Jewelry, Purses, Scarves, Pretty Sparkly Things!

Custom orders always welcome!<>

I am a proud participating Villager of Sampler Village!!
Visit the Village at:<>

Proud member of the Sampler Village Etsy Team
Search "SamplerVillageTeam" to find wonderful handcrafted items from all our
team members
Visit our Team Shop at<>
Visit our Blog at<>

Monday, November 8, 2010

First things first!

I'm having a sale today over at my Facebook page!  I'm trying to make some quick money because I need to go get my youngest son's birth certificate for an important appointment tomorrow!  So, I'm selling everything in one album for $5.00 or less with immediate Paypal payment!

$5.00 or less album!
$5.00 or LESS!!

Oookk.... With that being said.... I'm having a comment game on Wednesday (THIS Wednesday 11/10/10) with some super cool specials!  I made a few new baby bracelets that are NOT to be missed!  And, a few new BLING RINGS!!!

Sooooo, Stop by Crafty's Creations on Facebook for some RAD deals Today Only!!  Spread the word!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Retail therapy at it's finest!

I've been using since April of this year & have already cashed in on $165 worth of FREE gift cards!  It's great for me, since I'm on a perpetual budget and am always needing new crafty supplies~!  Today's score is a Thread Kit that I got for $1.49 on !!  The review says it's only enough for bobbins, but I am using it for sewing buttons & beads by hand.  So, it's PERFECT for me!

Yesterday, I ordered a book called "His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina" by Danielle Steel.  (I got a used for $0.06 plus shipping)  It's about her son who suffered from Bipolar Disorder.  I like to read about others suffering from the disease I also suffer from. 

I love to purchase books from!  I can't get in trouble for shopping this way because it's free!

Search & Win

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I added eyes & FANGS!

I wasn't satisfied with Justin's bat beanie.  I was told it looked like a moose!  So, I creatively (yeah, kinda because I did it without a pattern & the eyes look drunken) added eyes & fangs to his beanie!

So, without further wait.  Here's my youngest on Halloween wearing his bat beanie!  He turns 4 months tomorrow! Where has the last 4 months gone?  He's regularly rolling over & TEETHING!!!

And, a picture of both of my boys.  (Skallywagger Zach is (6 1/2)

I didn't make Zach's costume, I got it from for FREE with my Swagbucks/ gift certificates!

Today's blog hop is hosted by Mom's Review 4 You at Click the button to go to today's linky. After you add your blog be sure to follow our host and at least 3 other blogs, leaving comments on each one.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've been a hard hooker! (NOT like that!)

I've been keeping myself busy with my crochet hook! I wanted something for my youngest son to wear for Halloween but am REALLY on a budget! My BFF Kelly @ Knittingandthings had recently sent me a HUGE box of yarn.

Said HUGE box:

I found some black yarn in there & thought... I could see Justin wearing a BAT hat! Scoured the internet & couldn't find a pattern for what I was looking for.  A black beanie with bat wings & bat ears.  So, being the crafty me, I found a beanie pattern I liked, adapted it to fit Justin's head & kept out the parts I didn't like, added the parts I wanted.  Next, I found a pattern for kitty ears (because I couldn't find bat ears!) and thought I could make them a tad smaller than what was pictured.  Then, the hard part was finding bat wings!  I found a pattern for a bat amigurumi figure & adapted the wings to fit what I wanted.  Put it all together & this is what you get!

Yay for my little boy's bat hat!  I'm so excited to see how he looks!  My husband and oldest son say it looks like a moose!  Ugh! NO!  He's so cute with it on!

I guess I'm going to have to put some make up on his nose (black) and maybe make some fangs for it!?

Now, I'm obsessed with looking at hat patterns!  I really want to make some cute little Santa hats for kids!  I'm now taking custom orders for the kidlets for the Holidays!  I will be selling these hats for $18 shipped!  So, email me at if you want to put your order in today!  Hurry before I get too busy!

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crafty Cori's Creations: Gotta make some Mooo Lah!

Crafty Cori's Creations: Gotta make some Mooo Lah!: "So, I've decided to make everyone an offer they SHOULDN'T refuse! LOL I'm making an offer to people who will pay via Paypal TODAY! The off..."

Gotta make some Mooo Lah!

So, I've decided to make everyone an offer they SHOULDN'T refuse! LOL  I'm making an offer to people who will pay via Paypal TODAY!  The offer is:  25% off ANYTHING I have for sale!  Yep!  TWENTYFIVE percent at Crafty's Creations!  Now, WHO wouldn't want to take 25% off something like THIS:
Fall/Halloween BLING Ring!     
That is one of my original designs!  I love making bling rings & am in the process of making more!

I also have a few Christmas Creations up my sleeve!
Christmas bow hair clip

So, feel free to pass this sale on to your friends, family, dogs & cats (if they have their own Paypal account) and take advantage of my sale TODAY!!

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog contest WINNER!!!

I'm just so stinking excited, I can hardly contain myself!  I just did a random pick through for my blog contest!  A winner was chosen, and the winner is actually a personal friend.  I've never actually MET her before, but she's been a great supporter of Crafty for a few years now!

Mary F. is the winner!  I've contacted her through Facebook & through blogger, so I'm hoping to hear from her soon.  I know she is training for a marathon in Athens, Greece, so she may be super busy running!  If she will let me, I will post a little "interview" with her about her WIN!!!


New ideas?

Donut Bracelet

I'm working on some new ideas!  But... I have to sell some of the stuff I have in my stash before I can do that!  So, today... YES, TODAY!!  I'm having a special Facebook Friends special sale at Crafty's Creations!  Today I'm offering a 15% discount on all bracelets, necklaces, earrings, crocheted items, bookmarks, Halloween creations & Christmas Creations!!!  Pretty much EVERYTHING I have for sale on my page!  All you have to do is use discount code: FB15FRIENDS

Pumpkin Earrings
Strawberry Bookmark

Also... DON'T FORGET!!!  Today is the LAST day to enter my blog contest!  Winner will be drawn & Announced tomorrow!  All you have to do is go over there =======> and Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect!  Enter & get a chance to win this beautiful bracelet by my girl, Kelly!!

Have a Happy Crafty Day!!

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

Monday, October 11, 2010

Helen, Helen.... OH Helen!

I met a new crafty friend recently!  I entered a contest on her Facebook page, Adorable Adornments & just clicked with her immediately!  She's a super cool chick & joined our Pimping group!  She's trying to replace her broken camera so she can take better pics of her cute as heck creations, and is selling Grab Bags of her goodies for $5.00 !!!! 

So, hope on over to Helen's Facebook page & tell her that Crafty sent you!  She's a super cool chick & I KNOW you'll love her!  I do!

Columbus Day Auction!!

I'm running an auction today at Crafty's Creations!  I posted Auction items in the Columbus Day Auction!! photo album (click here). I put the description of the item & the starting bid.  Bids will be in $0.50 incriments. I will send Paypal invoices within 24 hours of Auction closing. I will keep the auction up for today!  If I have enough response, I might decide to extend it for another day!

I really want to get rid of all the small stuff I have left so I can start making winter slippers & scarves!  I have so much in my head & not enough room to store it, so I must start creating it! :)  So, share my auction with your friends, family & fan pages!  Thanks in advance!

Also, this is the last week to enter my contest to win a bracelet made by my girl, Kelly! All you have to do to enter is add me as a friend via Google Connect over there ======>  That's it! I will be drawing a winner on Sunday, October 17 via!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I have another new BFF!

Her name is Jessica & she's just so funny & cute!  Met her on Facebook (through my fan page, I think)  She has her own page called Jessica's Jewels !  She's such the sweetheart!  She just had twin girls to add to her little girl Sophia.  I just love her to death!  She's making donations to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  15% of her sales from the Pink Ribbon album will go directly to the cause!  She keeps posting stuff I really HAVE to have!  I'm going to hurt her! ;)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am having a HUGE sale this weekend!  I posted an album on Crafty's Creations where I will accept any REASONABLE offer on anything in the album!  I need to make some quick $ until my first paycheck comes next Friday! ;)  So, head on over & check it out!  There is a LOT of items in the album! 


Cutie Pie Sleep Mask!


Beaded Rosary!

So, come on over to Crafty's Creations & NAME YOUR PRICE!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

There's a new contest in town!

A few months ago, my girl, Kelly over at Knittingandthings started a Facebook group called Pimping Our Crafty Friends. The purpose of this group is to support other handmade artists & do something to help others Pimp themselves! We have weekly contests & drawing for the winner's photos to be posted as the group's profile picture (every week a new winner), a business card exchange, Pimp your LINKS every weekend, ALL weekend & lots of other fun stuff!

The NEW contest in town happens to start right HERE!   Here's the details!  I will pick one winner, through on Sunday, October 17th to win a beautiful bracelet by Kelly!  What do YOU have to do?  Over there ======>  See that "Followers" button?  Click that to follow my blog!  That's pretty much it!

So, go JOIN Pimping Our Crafty Friends for tons of fun & support & FOLLOW me for a chance to win a beautiful bracelet!

For whatever reason, Blogger won't let me upload the picture, but if you go to Kelly's Facebook page: Knittingandthings she posted some pics!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sampler Village!

Today is Sampler Village's 1st Anniversary!  I am very excited to be a Villager come February!  I have committed to sending 100 samples for their Valentine's box!  I am thinking of crocheted heart bookmarks & crocheted heart rings!

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I felt very lyrical today & gave this shoutout on my Facebook page:  Crafty's Creations!

SamplerVillage is the place to be, SamplerVillage is the place for me! Look for Crafty's Creations in the Valentine's box! But, look very closely cuz I'm sly like a fox! Happy Anniversary, Traci & SamplerVillage !! Here's to another great year of success! 



 Sampler Village is having a huge giveaway!  You can win 2 months of Lavishly Samplicious boxes (October & Nov/Dec)!! Traci is also having "runner up" prizes of Simply Samplicious Boxes & Bitty Bag Samplers!!

 Here's what you have to do:  Just post about SamplerVillage on YOUR Facebook page, please include their FB page link !  Comment HERE about the post!  THAT'S IT!  We just want you to spread the word about how FANTASTIC Sampler Village is!  Winner(s) randomly selected on 10/1.  One entry per person.

Heart Bookmark that will be in the February box!

Go show Sampler Village some LOVE & tell them Crafty Cori sent ya!

Much Love,

~Crafty Cori

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kelly Kelly!!

I just can't say enough about my girl, my SIS*STAR, Kelly!  We met on Facebook through the Craft it Forward program & have SO much in common it's not even funny!!  She's my biggest fan, truly... she IS!  When I had the comment game last week, she bought one of my Biz~ness card holders, and a flower ring!  She had also sent signed up under my Craft it Forward post & I sent her a pretty, yellow mug rug while I was at it!  She is so sweet & did a blog post about it yesterday! 

Kelly's Goodies!
Which brings me to the next thing I wanted to talk to you guys about!  Kellly is having a contest on her blog (knittingandthings) !!  Here's what you have to do: 

She will pick a random winner from those who follow her on her blog on Google friend connect! So please go to her side bar and friend her and on Oct.1,  she  will pick the winner for a pair of arm warmers and a pair of earrings!!!!



So, go show my girl, Kelly some Crafty love & support handmade!!  Tell her that Coral sent you!

Much Love,

~Crafty Cori

Adorn ME!

Since giving birth to Justin, now almost 11 weeks old, I tend to just tie my hair up with a simple hair tie/rubber band.  I've entered a contest at Adorable Adornments Facebook page to hopefully "Adorn" my hair!  I could really use all the help I can possibly get!!

Look at this HOT MESS!!

Click this picture to go vote!

See?  I wear it like that ALL.THE.TIME!

So, if you could... PLEASE... Please?!  Go to the Adorable Adornments Facebook page, they are having a ‎500 Fan Giveaway Photo Contest! You may COMMENT all you want on ANY photo. To place your vote you must LIKE the photo. You may only vote ONE TIME. Your COMMENTS are NOT counted...To vote you must LIKE a photo. You may LIKE only one photo. If you LIKE more than one photo NONE of your votes will be counted ♥

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday To MEEE!!

Tomorrow, to celebrate my 36th (yes, THIRTY SIXTH) birthday, I'm having a super special comment game at Crafty's Creations !!  I am having a FAN~TABULOUS comment game! Slashing the prices WAY low! Maybe even some freebies! This is an event you don't want to miss! I'm going to spend the day today (Sunday) making a whole bunch of things to add!

Please share with your Family, Friends AND Fans!

Here's where to RSVP! 

Sneak Peek at one of the items!

Have a crafty day, my friends! I have LOTS to go make!  Hope to see you all there to celebrate my birthday!!

~Much Love,
~Crafty Cori~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Just Won 8 Swag Bucks on

I Just Won 8 Swag Bucks on

My First comment game was a SUCESS!!

That was THE coolest thing ever!!  I had been wanting to clear out a lot of my inventory so I could make new stuff!  My husband was also getting frustrated at the pilings of yarn goodies I've been making! LOL  So, I ended up selling 20 items!!!  Wow!  All in ONE day!  That is HUGE for me!! Here's a few pictures of stuff that I sold!

Sold the Blue & the Purple rings for $4 each
Halloween hair bow sold for $4

Wire Wrap earrings sold for $8  

Flower Bling Ring sold for $4

Dragonfly bracelet sold for $15
I really think I want to make this a regular feature at Crafty's Creations !!  It was SOOO much fun!!

Have a Crafty day, my crafty friends!

~Crafty Cori

Comment Game Happening on Facebook NOW!

This is my first comment game, so bare with me if I don't get it right the first time! ;)  I am clearing out a lot of inventory & want to do it in a fun way for my friends!  So, right NOW at Crafty's Creations on Facebook, I am having my first comment game!

I just posted my first item over there! 

Double Flower hair clip!!Crafty's Creations comment game!

The fun will be going on for a few hours, so please try to stop by!!

~Crafty Cori

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Good morning my crafty friends!  I need to raise a little money & clear out some inventory!  So, why not do both and at the same time, give you guys some GREAT deals!

At 3pm, Mountain (Arizona) time, I will be running a comment game on Crafty's Creations Facebook page!

Here's how it will go!! I will be posting pictures on my Facebook wall with a price & which comment will win that item for that price!
Example:  Halloween hair clip $4.00 shipped, 5th comment wins!

To Write Love On her Arm

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week.  Friday is World Suicide Prevention Day. 

I have not been affected by suicide issues, but it is known that people like myself, with a Mental Illness, are more likely to be affected with suicidal thoughts and/or tendancies. Please consider writing LOVE on your arm today! I am trying to raise awareness for Mental Illness & suicide prevention!

I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. 
It is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated energy levels, cognition, and mood with or without one or more depressive episodes. 

Let me tell you that it is NO joke.  It is not about just being happy & then sad.  I am one of the cases where I am highly functioning, but there are some who can barely cope with life.  I use my crafts to cope in many ways.

Mental Illness has a very negative stigma that needs to be erased.  I want to help in any way I can.  Today is National Write LOVE on Your Arm Sept 8th to recognize National Suicide Prevention Week.  So, I wrote LOVE on my arm!

Will YOU write Love on your arm?

Business Card Holder

I just received my business cards, but didn't want to put them in my purse or wallet & have them get dirty or bed, or what have you.  So, in my typical "crafty" fashion, I found a pattern & sat down to make one!  It turned out SOOO cute!  I am very proud of it!  I really want to sell custom ones.  Where someone can pick out their yarn color, etc.  It was super easy & pretty quick to put together!  What do you think?  LOVE it?  ;)

If you're interested in a CUSTOM business card holder, please contact me @!  I am selling them for $12.00 shipped!

Off to make something else!

Tantalizing Sampler

I volunteered to send in samples to Tantalizing Sampler for their December sample box!  I decided to make some crocheted bookmarks & crocheted rings to send!  This is a great opportunity to get my name out there & have some fun at the same time!
Christmas Tree


Heart & Butterfly


Moving onto Bows

I have some kinda blury pictures until I get my new camera for my birthday next month.  Just a warning.... I made these into hair clips to sell on my Facebook page and my Etsy shop.  I can't seem to stop finding patterns & crocheting stuff!

Halloween Bow!

Flowers Bow!


               Fluffy Flowers Bow!

As I said, I can't stop making bows! 

So much creating lately!

I've been super busy making things lately!  I have been constantly finding things to make!  I started with crocheting some hair bows, attached them to clips.  I then started making flower rings, still making bookmarks, I found a cute as heck pattern for business card holders.  Whew!  We'll start with a super cute pink set I made for my husband's cousin, Amanda.

I had made the necklace a month ago & immediately thought of Amanda when I made it.  It's a sheer ribbon necklace (pink) with a pendant that is a black heart with spiderwebs in it, a skull & roses on top.  It has pink & black Swarovski Crystals hanging.

I then discovered the pattern for hair bows.  I took some of my craft thread & made a pink & black bow, and attached it to a hair barrette.  After looking through Amanda's pictures & talking to her, she's got a new obsession with bows!  So, naturally, I thought of her while making this bow.  I then moved on to small, crocheted flowers & decided to turn them into rings.  This one has a black center with pink flower.  I sewed a 4mm Sterling Silver Stardust Rondel to the center.  I absolutely LOVE this ring!!

Book Purse

I was reminded during a Cool2Craft show recently about recycling old books.  Watching PBS a few years ago, I saw a show where someone turned a old, hardback book into a purse!  Of course *I* had to try it.  Because every time I see someone make something I've never made, I have to try it!  I found the ONLY hardback book I had in the house, gutted it & started!  Fold & tuck your fave fab fabric & either hot glue (like I did) or use Aleene's® Tacky Glue® on the inside.  I found a tutorial here.  The only thing missing from my attempt at a book purse was a clasp.  Mine kept flopping open.  Next time I made one, I will be using some sort of clasp!
Here's my first attempt!

To decorate the front, I used a celtic stencil & used a silver sharpie!

Seeing these old photos, I'm going to have to attempt again!

Happy crafting (and reading!)