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Saturday, October 2, 2010

There's a new contest in town!

A few months ago, my girl, Kelly over at Knittingandthings started a Facebook group called Pimping Our Crafty Friends. The purpose of this group is to support other handmade artists & do something to help others Pimp themselves! We have weekly contests & drawing for the winner's photos to be posted as the group's profile picture (every week a new winner), a business card exchange, Pimp your LINKS every weekend, ALL weekend & lots of other fun stuff!

The NEW contest in town happens to start right HERE!   Here's the details!  I will pick one winner, through on Sunday, October 17th to win a beautiful bracelet by Kelly!  What do YOU have to do?  Over there ======>  See that "Followers" button?  Click that to follow my blog!  That's pretty much it!

So, go JOIN Pimping Our Crafty Friends for tons of fun & support & FOLLOW me for a chance to win a beautiful bracelet!

For whatever reason, Blogger won't let me upload the picture, but if you go to Kelly's Facebook page: Knittingandthings she posted some pics!