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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've been a hard hooker! (NOT like that!)

I've been keeping myself busy with my crochet hook! I wanted something for my youngest son to wear for Halloween but am REALLY on a budget! My BFF Kelly @ Knittingandthings had recently sent me a HUGE box of yarn.

Said HUGE box:

I found some black yarn in there & thought... I could see Justin wearing a BAT hat! Scoured the internet & couldn't find a pattern for what I was looking for.  A black beanie with bat wings & bat ears.  So, being the crafty me, I found a beanie pattern I liked, adapted it to fit Justin's head & kept out the parts I didn't like, added the parts I wanted.  Next, I found a pattern for kitty ears (because I couldn't find bat ears!) and thought I could make them a tad smaller than what was pictured.  Then, the hard part was finding bat wings!  I found a pattern for a bat amigurumi figure & adapted the wings to fit what I wanted.  Put it all together & this is what you get!

Yay for my little boy's bat hat!  I'm so excited to see how he looks!  My husband and oldest son say it looks like a moose!  Ugh! NO!  He's so cute with it on!

I guess I'm going to have to put some make up on his nose (black) and maybe make some fangs for it!?

Now, I'm obsessed with looking at hat patterns!  I really want to make some cute little Santa hats for kids!  I'm now taking custom orders for the kidlets for the Holidays!  I will be selling these hats for $18 shipped!  So, email me at if you want to put your order in today!  Hurry before I get too busy!

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crafty Cori's Creations: Gotta make some Mooo Lah!

Crafty Cori's Creations: Gotta make some Mooo Lah!: "So, I've decided to make everyone an offer they SHOULDN'T refuse! LOL I'm making an offer to people who will pay via Paypal TODAY! The off..."

Gotta make some Mooo Lah!

So, I've decided to make everyone an offer they SHOULDN'T refuse! LOL  I'm making an offer to people who will pay via Paypal TODAY!  The offer is:  25% off ANYTHING I have for sale!  Yep!  TWENTYFIVE percent at Crafty's Creations!  Now, WHO wouldn't want to take 25% off something like THIS:
Fall/Halloween BLING Ring!     
That is one of my original designs!  I love making bling rings & am in the process of making more!

I also have a few Christmas Creations up my sleeve!
Christmas bow hair clip

So, feel free to pass this sale on to your friends, family, dogs & cats (if they have their own Paypal account) and take advantage of my sale TODAY!!

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog contest WINNER!!!

I'm just so stinking excited, I can hardly contain myself!  I just did a random pick through for my blog contest!  A winner was chosen, and the winner is actually a personal friend.  I've never actually MET her before, but she's been a great supporter of Crafty for a few years now!

Mary F. is the winner!  I've contacted her through Facebook & through blogger, so I'm hoping to hear from her soon.  I know she is training for a marathon in Athens, Greece, so she may be super busy running!  If she will let me, I will post a little "interview" with her about her WIN!!!


New ideas?

Donut Bracelet

I'm working on some new ideas!  But... I have to sell some of the stuff I have in my stash before I can do that!  So, today... YES, TODAY!!  I'm having a special Facebook Friends special sale at Crafty's Creations!  Today I'm offering a 15% discount on all bracelets, necklaces, earrings, crocheted items, bookmarks, Halloween creations & Christmas Creations!!!  Pretty much EVERYTHING I have for sale on my page!  All you have to do is use discount code: FB15FRIENDS

Pumpkin Earrings
Strawberry Bookmark

Also... DON'T FORGET!!!  Today is the LAST day to enter my blog contest!  Winner will be drawn & Announced tomorrow!  All you have to do is go over there =======> and Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect!  Enter & get a chance to win this beautiful bracelet by my girl, Kelly!!

Have a Happy Crafty Day!!

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

Monday, October 11, 2010

Helen, Helen.... OH Helen!

I met a new crafty friend recently!  I entered a contest on her Facebook page, Adorable Adornments & just clicked with her immediately!  She's a super cool chick & joined our Pimping group!  She's trying to replace her broken camera so she can take better pics of her cute as heck creations, and is selling Grab Bags of her goodies for $5.00 !!!! 

So, hope on over to Helen's Facebook page & tell her that Crafty sent you!  She's a super cool chick & I KNOW you'll love her!  I do!

Columbus Day Auction!!

I'm running an auction today at Crafty's Creations!  I posted Auction items in the Columbus Day Auction!! photo album (click here). I put the description of the item & the starting bid.  Bids will be in $0.50 incriments. I will send Paypal invoices within 24 hours of Auction closing. I will keep the auction up for today!  If I have enough response, I might decide to extend it for another day!

I really want to get rid of all the small stuff I have left so I can start making winter slippers & scarves!  I have so much in my head & not enough room to store it, so I must start creating it! :)  So, share my auction with your friends, family & fan pages!  Thanks in advance!

Also, this is the last week to enter my contest to win a bracelet made by my girl, Kelly! All you have to do to enter is add me as a friend via Google Connect over there ======>  That's it! I will be drawing a winner on Sunday, October 17 via!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I have another new BFF!

Her name is Jessica & she's just so funny & cute!  Met her on Facebook (through my fan page, I think)  She has her own page called Jessica's Jewels !  She's such the sweetheart!  She just had twin girls to add to her little girl Sophia.  I just love her to death!  She's making donations to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  15% of her sales from the Pink Ribbon album will go directly to the cause!  She keeps posting stuff I really HAVE to have!  I'm going to hurt her! ;)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am having a HUGE sale this weekend!  I posted an album on Crafty's Creations where I will accept any REASONABLE offer on anything in the album!  I need to make some quick $ until my first paycheck comes next Friday! ;)  So, head on over & check it out!  There is a LOT of items in the album! 


Cutie Pie Sleep Mask!


Beaded Rosary!

So, come on over to Crafty's Creations & NAME YOUR PRICE!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

There's a new contest in town!

A few months ago, my girl, Kelly over at Knittingandthings started a Facebook group called Pimping Our Crafty Friends. The purpose of this group is to support other handmade artists & do something to help others Pimp themselves! We have weekly contests & drawing for the winner's photos to be posted as the group's profile picture (every week a new winner), a business card exchange, Pimp your LINKS every weekend, ALL weekend & lots of other fun stuff!

The NEW contest in town happens to start right HERE!   Here's the details!  I will pick one winner, through on Sunday, October 17th to win a beautiful bracelet by Kelly!  What do YOU have to do?  Over there ======>  See that "Followers" button?  Click that to follow my blog!  That's pretty much it!

So, go JOIN Pimping Our Crafty Friends for tons of fun & support & FOLLOW me for a chance to win a beautiful bracelet!

For whatever reason, Blogger won't let me upload the picture, but if you go to Kelly's Facebook page: Knittingandthings she posted some pics!