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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adorn ME!

Since giving birth to Justin, now almost 11 weeks old, I tend to just tie my hair up with a simple hair tie/rubber band.  I've entered a contest at Adorable Adornments Facebook page to hopefully "Adorn" my hair!  I could really use all the help I can possibly get!!

Look at this HOT MESS!!

Click this picture to go vote!

See?  I wear it like that ALL.THE.TIME!

So, if you could... PLEASE... Please?!  Go to the Adorable Adornments Facebook page, they are having a ‎500 Fan Giveaway Photo Contest! You may COMMENT all you want on ANY photo. To place your vote you must LIKE the photo. You may only vote ONE TIME. Your COMMENTS are NOT counted...To vote you must LIKE a photo. You may LIKE only one photo. If you LIKE more than one photo NONE of your votes will be counted ♥

Much Love,
~Crafty Cori

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